Prayer for Authenticity

Lord, grant us to know (experience) that to walk with Jesus causes other interests to be what they really are–shadows, synthetic and dream-like.

Lord, Keep us from intermittent attention to eternal things. I confess to far too much focus on wood, hay and stubble. I hunger to know Your ways and not merely your generous acts of goodness and mercy.

Lord, deliver us from the delusional
-who fail to continue on the journey of faith,
-who are concerned about life’s tragedies but not converted to faith realities,
-who have words but no heart,
-who have another heart but not a new one,
-who have light, zeal, enthusiasm, confidence in self awareness but not Christ.

Lord, help us to judge the authenticity of our faith not only by our dependence on Jesus in all things,
-but by our love to Him,
-our confidence in Him,

-our attentiveness to the lost people around us,
-our knowledge of Him.
(Adapted–Valley, p 215)

Calla Lily Pure

Dr. John l. Yeats

Take a good look at the Calla Lily--pure and white. Amazing! O Lord, The desire of my very being is a pure clean heart filled with Your Holy Spirit. Beyond the stench of corrupted systems, The grossness of a world saturated with rebellious … [Continue reading]